Key People

Mark Taylor

Mark is the MD of A Productions and has been in the industry for over 30 years. An award winning and BAFTA nominated director and producer with bags of experience, he has directed and produced across a wide range of programming and content including animation and live action work. He has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the production pipeline, from creative development right through to post-production work. He was on the Encounters festival board for 10 years, writes scripts, does occasional VO work, and makes very strong cider.

Katherine McQueen

Katherine has worked at A Productions for over 10 years. As senior producer she deals with all aspects of the studio production pipeline, from client & talent management to facilities handling. APA trained, she has acted as consultant for several leading international production companies and broadcasters, and can point to an extensive CV of long form production as well as commercials, titles and corporate work. She has a wide knowledge across all forms of animation and thanks to her two young boys she can now identify every superhero character from the past 50 years.

Paul Hill

Paul is another A Productions director whose expertise and experience stretches across a massive range of diverse work. Paul leads the compositing and VFX department at the studio, and is usually charged with making difficult job briefs happen. His expertise allows him to work across a range different software packages, with expert knowledge of AFX in particular. He has directed several short films and has established a minimalist, very individual visual style as his trademark. A man with a dry sense of humour, he is reputed to only drink champagne

Duncan Fraser

With over 18 years of experience in the industry as a CG artist, animation lead and director, Duncan is responsible for the CG teams in the studio, managing the workload, identifying talent and supervising the animation. He has an impressive CV as animation director on many of the broadcast series produced at A Productions.
Hugely experienced as a TD, he has expert knowledge of creating and implementing different bespoke pipelines, and creative problem solving for the various projects that are handled in the studio. Being a keen cyclist also means he holds the commuting to work record.

Maggie Hughes

As studio manager Maggie has worked at A Productions for nearly 10 years. Maggie has the unenviable task of keeping the studio running smoothly. Previously having worked at Aardman Animations, She can point to an impressively varied CV of managing everything from day to day, right through to handling HR and the key financials on work produced in the studio. Maggie is calm and unflappable although easily swayed with chocolate and coffee.


Whilst only young, Coco has managed to fit effortlessly into the studio structure. Often found sleeping or laying in the exact spot where you will trip over her, her communications skills are excellent, particularly towards the courier in the yellow jacket.
Her typing and mail sorting skills still leave a lot to be desired, but she can jump into your lap and also follow you around, usually scrounging for snacks, (nearly) better than anyone else in the studio.