Jobs & Studio Information


We will be posting specific job details shortly but we are looking for CG crew for a long form series.

We are always looking to add to our creatives & production database.
So if you are an animator or designer, motion graphics or another lovely creative or production person you can send us a CV and examples of your work. We’d love to hear from you.

Some things to know:

We prefer to have people in studio. We look for good drawing skills, We tend to use 3D Studio Max for most of our CG work, although lots of our guys know Maya as well.
We use a lot of After Effects in our work and Flash as well.

We always want to see life drawing portfolios

We don’t use agencies

There’s probably more things to tell you, but essentially we’re always keen to see new talent.

Email us your details and any links to your work, or send a digital portfolio.

But rather like that old BBC programme ‘Vision On’ we can’t always guarantee to send your stuff back, so don’t send it if its precious!



We try very hard to take as many work experience students as possible, but often the demand is far higher than the spaces we have.

If you are looking for a work experience placement, please send us a letter or email telling us about yourself and if you have some examples of things you have done, feel free to send them.

If you haven’t, don’t worry. just drop us a line and tell us why you’d like to come to A Productions.

As for Internships at the studio,  the same rules apply really, although we would really be looking for some relevant skills and interests if possible. Every now and again we might look to place interns onto a specific production, if that happens we’ll post on our news page.

As for studio visits, please contact Maggie Hughes for more information.

We can occasionally do individual visits or small groups of up to 10 from schools and colleges, but it all depends on how busy we might be on the day.