14th Oct 2022

JoJo & Gran Gran celebrates Black History Month

We are proud to be part of the team that produced a special episode of the ground-breaking preschool series, JoJo & Gran Gran, for Black History Month.

Produced for CBeebies by BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions in collaboration with our team at A Productions, It’s Time to Go on a Voyage is now live on BBC iPlayer.

JoJo & Gran Gran showcases the wonderful relationship between an almost five-year-old girl and her fun and wise grandmother who cares for JoJo in their bustling London neighbourhood while her parents are working. JoJo adores her grandparent and the time they spend together, while Gran Gran is very proud of her Saint Lucian heritage and is always happy when she has an opportunity to teach JoJo about the island’s culture.

In It’s Time to Go on a Voyage, JoJo and Gran Gran visit an exhibition to learn about the time Gran Gran moved from Saint Lucia to England when she was a little girl. Lots of people have donated special objects and photos for the exhibition, including Gran Gran who donates her precious little duffle coat, her only memento from that time. But as JoJo and Gran Gran explore the exhibition, Gran Gran makes some extra-special discoveries of her own.

Ben Halliwell, series director for JoJo & Gran Gran at A Productions, said: “This was an important episode for the team that reflects on JoJo and Gran Gran’s St Lucian heritage, introducing our audience to some of the history of the Windrush generation and immigration to the UK from the Caribbean. We wanted this to be a positive story for pre-schoolers, both educational and entertaining. JoJo learns with her usual sense of energetic wonder whilst we simultaneously reflect on the nostalgia of Gran Gran’s childhood memories. Animation and design are a great way to make the period come alive, making it authentic and accessible, enabling youngsters to start their own conversations during Black History Month.”

Comfort Arthur, assistant director for JoJo & Gran Gran at A Productions, said: “It’s been a wonderful opportunity to be involved in showcasing an important part of black British history. As a child I wasn’t taught about black British history, so this is an amazing opportunity to celebrate it, and for pre-schoolers to learn more about themselves and others. Culture and heritage play an integral role in forming our identity, so it’s great to see JoJo exploring hers in this special episode.”

The episode’s cast is all from a Caribbean background, while key crew members are also of Caribbean or African heritage.

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