13th Apr 2023

Say hello to Arielle

Ever wondered what the role of a rigger entails? Arielle, 27, explains what goes on behind the scenes, as well as giving an insight into her career story so far.

“We put the skeletons into the characters and props. We take the drawings from design and turn them into moveable puppets for the animators to use to create the animation itself”, says Arielle.

From Love Monster for CBeebies to JoJo and Gran Gran, which is produced by BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions in association with A Productions for CBeebies, Arielle has worked on some exciting shows whilst at A Productions.

“The rubber duck on JoJo and Gran Gran was one of my favourite rigs to build”, says Arielle. “I love the problem-solving element of the job”, explains Arielle. “I like putting things together to make them work.”

It was during FMX, a conference in Germany dedicated to animation, effects, interactive and immersive media, that Arielle first spotted an opportunity as a rigger.

At the time, she was studying for a degree in animation at Plymouth College of Art, now Arts University Plymouth, when she saw the job advertised on LinkedIn.

Arielle secured the role at an Irish animation company and moved to Dublin. However, Arielle, who was born and bred in Bristol, was keen to return to her home city – and to her pets – so looked for a role in Bristol, landing a job at A Productions in 2019.

Arielle says: “I love working at A Productions because it’s like a big family. Everyone is there to support each other.”

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