11th May 2023

Say hello to Cassie

An animator at A Productions since 2021, Cassie loves the collaborative aspects of her role.

“I really like the interaction we all have as animators, sharing ideas and techniques. It feels like a big family”, explains Cassie, 26. “I appreciate the creative and social aspect of being in a studio full of people.”

Initially interested in graphic novels and cinema, Cassie found her interest in animation through her degree at University of South Wales, where she discovered the process of 2D animation. She first worked at studios in Cardiff and London before joining A Productions.

Today, Cassie works on the award-winning preschool show, JoJo and Gran Gran, which is produced by BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions in association with A Productions for CBeebies.

“It’s a really cute show”, says Cassie. “It’s nice to see how many children and their families love the show and see people react positively to our work.”

What does her role as an animator entail? “It’s about listening to direction and discovering the performance and movement as you work”, says Cassie. “It gives me a lot of artistic fulfillment to choose how a character expresses themselves.”

“It’s rewarding seeing the transition from drawing to the final product. That’s the best bit of the job: seeing it all come together at the end, especially when we have group screenings and can share in the success of the team.”

Having moved to Bristol for the role at A Productions, Cassie has not looked back. Commenting on the city, she said: “It’s amazing. I never want to leave. Everywhere you look there’s something going on and something, or someone, to inspire you to keep doing your own stuff. These days, my motivation comes not only from what I see, but from the people around me.”

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