29th Nov 2022

Say hello to Dulcie

Dulcie has always been inspired to make a positive impact on children – and feels her role as production coordinator at A Productions allows her to do just that.

A former philosophy student, Dulcie initially worked as a studio coordinator for A Productions, providing administrative support for the studio, however she expressed an interest in production and was later offered the role of production assistant, before recently being promoted to production coordinator.

“I believe it’s really important to teach children not to have biases, think for themselves and not necessarily copy what others want to”, says Dulcie, aged 24, “And teach them to be imaginative not just in a creative sense, but in a philosophical sense too, in that they don’t always have to follow the crowd.”

She added: “I felt that I could pursue my goal of teaching children to be lovely human beings and embrace their imagination by getting involved in producing children’s TV, which plays an important role in shaping how kids think about the world.”

Dulcie is currently working on animated series, Bea’s Block for Sesame Workshop, and is due to move onto action-comedy-packed superhero series, Digital Girl shortly. Her role involves managing the teams involved in animation and compositing (which brings together all the creative elements including special effects, motion graphics and picture clean-up), working closely with other team members to ensure everything’s running to schedule and assets are delivered on time.

“I help to solve issues, whether technical or personal. I also manage the flow of client feedback to the crew. I really enjoy the problem solving and sense of achievement of all working together to hit a deadline.”

The job is not without its challenges, says Dulcie. “But the recognition and praise we get for our hard work makes it all worth it. A Productions is really good at celebrating its people.”

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