31st May 2023

Say hello to Guedi

As an eight-year-old, Guedi loved to draw cartoons that he’d seen on TV – but it wasn’t until he was 13 that his English teacher opened his eyes to the world of animation.

Today, Guedi, 26, is an animator at A Productions, working on the multi-award-winning pre-school series, JoJo and Gran Gran. JoJo and Gran Gran is produced by BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions in association with A Productions for CBeebies.

Looking back on his journey into the animation industry, Guedi says he’s grateful to his teacher, Miss Burns, who taught him at school in Coventry, for showing him the path into the sector.

“She gave me a stack of Post-it notes and showed me how to draw on them and flip through to make a simple animation”, recalls Guedi. “She also introduced me to a graphics tablet, which is basically a mouse map connected to a computer that allows you to draw digitally.”

After studying interactive media at college, then illustration and animation at Coventry University, Guedi was set on a career in animation.

Prior to working at A Productions, Guedi worked both as a freelancer and for a Belfast studio for two years which he describes as a ‘dream come true’.  Moving to Bristol for the A Productions opportunity was “the best decision of my life”, says Guedi.

“Everyone’s so nice here. It feels like I’m where I should be. Everyone helps each other out. It doesn’t feel like work; it feels like my home. It’s cosy and I’m amongst friends”, explains Guedi. “It’s such an important thing to be working with amazing people. For me, it’s a passion, more than work.”

What’s special about working in animation? “Animation feels like breathing life into an image”, says Guedi. “Seeing it move in front of you is the most satisfying thing. Storytelling wise, it’s the best medium for me. There are no limits.”

Reflecting on life in Bristol, Guedi says: “What I love about Bristol is it’s arty and expressive. There are so many murals everywhere. It feels inspiring when you walk around, especially as an artist. There’s always something different around the corner.”

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