26th Apr 2023

Say hello to Nagore

Originally inspired by the world of theatre, Nagore, a compositor here at A Productions, has always had an interest in the arts and mixed media.

When she moved to the UK from Spain aged 18, she decided to pursue a career in animation. A film graduate from London South Bank University with an MA in animation from University of West of England (UWE) in Bristol, Nagore, now 31, initially freelanced before landing a role at A Productions in 2020.

From teaching children pop up theatre workshops, making contemporary dance films to illustration and advertising, she had previously worked on a wide variety of projects. Compositing brings all those skills together. Here at A Productions, she loves working on shows for a young audience, including JoJo and Gran Gran and Sesame Street.

JoJo and Gran Gran is produced by BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions in association with A Productions for CBeebies. A Productions works on segment animations for the iconic Sesame Street series, as well as specials for Sesame Workshop.

“I like the fact that children don’t hide how they feel. It’s satisfying when they like it and I love seeing the comments on social media”, says Nagore.

“My role requires a mix between having an eye for detail, quality control and problem solving”, she explains.  “Compositing is the stage that comes after the animators have finished their shots. We take all the components – the background, the characters, the props – and we put it all together with added effects like wind, rain, snow, fire or light.”

Her take on living in Bristol? “I love Bristol. It’s really open and there’s always something happening. It has a community. I find it to be the closest thing to Spain – people are actually out and about post 9pm!”

On A Productions, Nagore said: “The people are really nice and the environment is supportive.”

Any tips for those trying to break into the animation industry? “Don’t give up! Be open to opportunities. Try things even if you don’t know what you want to do.”

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