24th Aug 2023

Say hello to Serhiy

A compositor here at A Productions, Serhiy came to Bristol from Ukraine on the Homes for Ukraine scheme before spotting an opportunity at the studio.

Due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, he had left the country together with his wife and children, now aged 15 and 9, and the family settled just outside Bristol.

Serhiy, 44, said: “Previously I worked as a freelancer at home, so it’s great to now work in a studio. Everyone is really lovely and the atmosphere is great. It’s a new step for my career as I have gained an understanding of how bigger projects work”, says Serhiy.

Serhiy is currently working on segment animations for Series 54 of the iconic Sesame Street series.

“My role as a compositor is to combine everything from all the different departments into one shot and add special effects if needed. For me, it’s interesting as I like to have knowledge from different fields and combine them. I like challenging tasks.”

Serhiy previously worked in Ukraine as an art designer and animator, for websites, mobile apps, book illustration and films, after a career change that saw him leave his past job as an engineer and re-train.

Asked about life in Bristol, Serhiy said: “I love Bristol. I live in a small village outside the city, so I can both enjoy the opportunities in the big city and relax in the countryside too.”

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