The Numtums

Here come the Numtums!

A Productions was commissioned by CBeebies to take the original ‘Numtums’ 2D series and redevelop it into a more character led CG show.

We worked with creative producer Barry Quinn to create a whole Numtums world and produce 52 x 11 minutes of this popular CBeebies show.

Set in the desert like world of GumNut Gorge, the entire set was built in 3DS Max.

The characters were also remodelled with full character rigs and animated fur and bushy tails.

We also added a couple of supporting characters in ‘Billy the Kidna’ – an Echidna with a huge Elvis like quiff. And his sidekick Larry, a lyrebird who doubled as announcer and general sound effect maker.

Every episode also featured a breakout 2D sequence featuring ‘Super NumTum’ battling his arch nemesis ‘ Fluffy McTuffy’

The show was created to help a pre-school audience understand and enjoy playing with numbers.

‘NumTums’ was directed by Mark Taylor and Produced by Katherine McQueen.

Main voice talent was handled by Simon Greenall, Kate Fleetwood, Jane Pickworth and Ben Bailey Smith, with Kaizer Akhtar, Mairead Doherty, Gabriella Gillespie, Jake Phillips, Harvey Rafferty playing the younger cast.

“Here come the Numtums!”

52 x 11 minutes of number based adventures for CBeebies, featuring a cast of furry CG characters and set in the desert of ‘GumNut Gorge’

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